Thursday, August 25, 2016

Men Vs Women

- We really are from different planets... even the language we speak is different...

How so? We may both, for instance, superficially speak English.  But the interpretation is way too different.  Guys are simply clueless.

A case in point -

The other day when returning home after a meeting, one of the participants requested a lift. While we were driving down to drop her off at her place, by way of a conversation starter she asked me, "Do you have to go home and cook lunch?"

To which I replied, "Hari's going to Villupuram after dropping me at home. My son is home though."

After a brief pause Hari said, " You didn't answer her question."

The lady was puzzled by Hari's statement and said, "But she did sir. She has to cook because your son is home."

Now, it was Hari's turn to look puzzled and he just said a vague "oh!".

At that moment, I recalled all those instances when Hari used to tell me that I did not know how to communicate. Once, one of my sons was on Hari's side in one such heated "you don't know how to communicate" argument.  I was piqued because sons were supposed to take their mother's side in an argument - right? Besides, I thought we'd raised our sons to be fair in their judgement; and here my traitor of a son was saying, "That's how you speak mummy; half the time, when we ask you a question, you give us a totally unrelated answer".


I'd never before realised women speak in a code of sorts that other women instantly understand. So, this was that 'ahha' moment, when I finally got what the poor hapless guys in my life were going through.

Unfortunately, there's nothing we women can do about it. An elephant can only trumpet and a lion can only roar.  So, we'll have to bumble along and instead of having heated arguments, smile at the idiosyncrasies of life... of creation.
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