Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pearls of Wisdom

A bird asked a Bee, "You work so hard to make honey and people steal it.  Don't you feel bad?" The Bee replied,"I don't feel bad because no one can steal my art of making honey".
There are numerous instances in our lives where other people take credit for all our hard work. This can happen at the work place, at school, at college and even at home. It's easy to get dejected. But each one of us is unique and we need to remember that no one can take away our special talents from us. 

The tongue weighs practically nothing but only a few people can hold it.
How true!!! I try real hard to hold mine. Needless to say, I don't always succeed. 

The happiness of our life depends upon the quality of our thoughts.  But the quality of our thoughts depends on the people we have in our lives.
This is the reason why we need to be very careful of the company we keep. It is all very well to say everyone is equal and everyone deserves to be treated kindly. But the fact remains, there are plenty of people who keep constantly railing against the injustices heaped on them, no matter what.  On the flip side, there are people who are happy, no matter how many curve balls life throws at them. Negative people depress us and tend to drag us down. So, it is not really unkind to avoid spending all our time with them. But, I hate to hurt other people's feelings. So I act weird and crazy, so the person I want to avoid, avoids me instead. Neat trick eh?

Life would certainly be perfect if anger had a mute button, mistakes had a back button, hard times a forward button and wonderful times a pause button.
How Perfectly convenient that would be.

We get a lot of unconditional love when we are born and plenty of respect when we die. The time in between, we just have to manage.
Yeah! What a mess!
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