Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Profound Quotes from The Sword of Truth Series

Son1 bought himself a Kindle and I was green with envy. When he came home a couple of months later, he gave it to me. It now belongs to me. Wow! What a gift! But I had to make sure that he wouldn't take it away from me or 'borrow it' the way kids do. So, I reluctantly asked him, " Are you sure you don't want it?" all the time secretly hoping I wasn't making a mistake asking him that. What if he says, "I'll take it back if I feel like it"? Happily for me he said, "Yes. I know you'll use it more".

The first book I read was "Wizard's Firs Rule", Book 1 of the fantasy series The Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind. The lines I've listed below are some of the quotes from this book. I think these are worth reading over and over.
  1. Good Intentions, being kind, can encourage the lazy, and motivate sound minds to become indolent.  The more help you give them, the more they need. As long as your kindness is open-ended, they never gain discipline, dignity, or self-reliance.  Your kindness improvishes their humanity.
  2. The greatest harm can come from the best of intentions.
  3. People can be made to believe any lie, either because they want to believe it's true or because they are afraid it's true. (Wizard's first rule)
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