Friday, January 18, 2013

Lori Foster - Winston Brothers Series

Before I talk about the series, a few words about Lori Foster. In my book, a good book is one that can either make me laugh or make me forget to eat. I must say that Lori Foster's style satisfied both conditions. So, I'd recommend her books as therapy even.

This series has 5 books
1. Tangled Sheets - Cole's and Sophie's story (Hot Chocolate)
2. Tangled Dreams - Chase and Allison's story (Charmed)
3. Tangled Images - Mack and Jessica's story (Sinful)
4. Wild - Zane and Tamara's story
5. Say No to Joe - Joe and Luna's story

 - Brothers, Cole, Chase, Zane and Mack Winston are what fantasies are made of. They love each other unconditionally. The last book introduces their cousins Joe Winston and the last book, "Say No To Joe" introduces his energetic sister Alyx Winston.

A wonderful and entertaining series overall.

There was just one thing I could not wrap my mind around. Are independent women so damned stupid that they can't stay put, when it's obvious that trying to save the man from danger, would not only distract the man from doing his job, but also lose time and alert the intruder... I'd stay put not because my man told me to, but because it is the most sensible thing to do? Isn't that taking the female independence thing a bit too far?

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