Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Do The Planets Really Rule Us?

A lot of us go around asking, "Why me?" Some of us are really pushed into desperate situations and the question is heartfelt and some of us ask the question every time something we don't like happens. There are those who blame fate and the stars for everything that happens in their lives; good and bad.  There are others who swear that we make our own fate. They ridicule people who believe that planets affect human life.

Both astronomers and astrologers study the movement of the planets. But, we know that it isn't for the same purpose. Most astronomers of the earlier centuries were also astrologers. Johannes Kepler the astronomer, best known for his laws of planetary motion is one such person. Clearly, there was no distinct line between astronomy and astrology those days. One of his jobs as the imperial mathematician to Rudolph II was to provide astrological advice.

In his book 'harmony of the world', Kepler has used music to explain all the proportions we find in the natural world in general and the astrological and astronomical aspects of proportions in particular. So, do planets exert their influence on us mere mortals?

Here's what Edgar Cayce has to say about the subject.

For those who have never heard of Edgar Cayce, he was a 20th century psychic who went into a self induced unconscious state to give psychic readings to people. His most famous readings are related to medical diagnosis that astounded the medical world.

In his readings, he has said that planets do influence humans in he form of inclinations. But how an individual chooses to handle those inclinations is determined by the individual's will. So, I am inclined to conclude that while we can attribute certain things to luck and fate, we are entirely responsible for how conduct yourselves in life. The way we react or deal with situations dictates the outcome of an event.

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