Thursday, December 08, 2011

A Prayer

I came across this prayer in one of the books I recently read. I don't remember what the book is about. The prayer however, seemed apt for me. So I wrote it down. This helps me stay grounded.... helps me realize that I am but a tiny dot in the cosmos... almost insignificant...

Here is the prayer -

May I learn to deal with impatience, Lord.
Show me how to modify my natural inclination
Of wanting to move ahead too quickly.
If it's true that I'm overly ambitious,
or if I need to prove my superiority over others,
help me realize that only a more moderate,
level-headed approach will ultimately succeed.
Before pushing ahead blindly,
I pray that I may know
for what I am striving.
Teach me appreciation, Lord,
so that even the small,
insignificant victories in my life
will have real meaning for me.

For me, every single day seems to be a struggle against trying to prove that I am better than others. Does it really matter what others think of me? It's pretty obvious that I can't please everyone.

Life's little lessons have taught me how to pick my battles. It's not always easy... choosing my battles... and letting go of meaningless things and issues.

I've also learnt that the motive/thought behind an action is more significant than the action itself.

Say for instance, I help someone. What is the motive behind it?

So they'll help me when I am in need? Or maybe I want them to think that I am a nice person.  Or is it because they need help and I can do it - no motive, no expectations.

Obviously, the latter is selfless and more satisfying and generates positive energy. The first - negative energy when expectations are not met. When there are no expectations, there is no disappointment - no negative feelings.

Whether speaking from a spiritual point of view, or a general perspective, the latter brings more happiness. This prayer has taught me to consider these finer aspects of personal development rather than development in the materialistic sense of the word.
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