Thursday, February 12, 2009


With another new year round the corner, more resolutions to make, the question arises - what about the resolutions taken for the current year?

I took just 1 resolution – To stick to my schedules.

Was it a successful year?

In terms of the resolution?

No. In all other ways – Yes, It was a lovely year!

In trying to follow this single resolution, I learnt a lot about myself. Some good, some not so good.

So what good was the resolution?

For one thing, trying to follow this resolution made me understand, that while there was nothing wrong in trying to follow a schedule - in fact it is a very good thing, I’ve always envied people whose day goes like clockwork – following schedules went against my grain.

Its all very well saying that’s its all in the mind – the mind and the intellect are two separate entities – I should not have my mind telling my intellect what to do – for me, the bottom line is -My Mind Simply Does Not Work That Way. Plenty of people think I am a lazy person. Just because, I am too lazy to do a particular thing on a particular day, does not mean I have been idle! Luckily for me, there is never a dearth of things to do – reading (my first love), gardening, music, painting, sewing, cooking, needlework, getting into philosophical arguments with friends and family… There probably is some saying that says “the right thing done at the right time…” similar to “a place for everything and everything in its place” but I just can’t do it. I am glad that I have finally recognized it.

What does happen when I try to force the issue? It works for maybe a couple of weeks and then everything goes haywire and I get a severe headache. I really do.

So, how do I get things done? After reading the article on Procrastination, I realized - by finding something else that seems more important to do?

Anyway, I have learnt to accept my shortcomings. I now have to learn to make my shortcomings work for me.

And what about my resolution? Do I abandon it?

No. I Just need to find a healthy balance between what I think is perfect and what would work for me!

I also realized that there are a lot of things I really need to work on –

- patience, I need oodles of it.

- I really need to refrain from making comments on peoples’ attitudes and work instead on my own attitude.

- learning to let go of the past and enjoying the power of now.

- Appreciating my family more and never taking them for granted.

- My rudeness under the pretext of being blunt.

So, for the coming year, I have 5 resolutions
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